In the old Hawaiian language ‘ha’ means divine breath, and ‘alo’ means face to face.  Aloha is a greeting that means face to face with the divine breath, the divine.   It is the Hawaiians form of Namaste, the divine in me sees the divine in you.

‘Welcome Om’  from Lynne Miller, an American Dharma Teacher

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Teach students how to integrate
the energy of meditation with life experiences,
which results in increased energy, balance, peace and happiness.
Provide experiences that cultivate personal growth
and self-realization.

As an American Dharma Teacher and Mystic, I  have an eclectic, experience-based teaching style.  I provide opportunities for integrated personal growth through small group classes and private sessions.   It is my job to bring students into the silence of high meditation, and to provide them lessons that accelerate their pathway to truth. To learn more about me click here, About Lynne.

Lynne Miller, M.A.    aka Lakshmi                                    
American Dharma Teacher and Interfaith Minister

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