Healthy Brain, Happy Life (archived class)

Tuesday, April 26, 6:00 pm Pacific Standard Time 9:00 EST
Virtual Class offered by Lakshmi

 Join Lynne for a FREE online class.  Lynne  (Lakshmi) is offering a virtual class through RMS.  Please join her!  Here are the details.

Healthy Brain Happy Life
CALL IN NUMBER IS 641 715-3670               ACCESS CODE 754934

Healthy Brain/Happy Life
The Amazing Female Brain (integrating current scientific research with spiritual awakenings and divine wisdom)
Join the virtual telephone class and learn about the the female brain. The course will compare the male and female brain, and provide simple techniques that will contribute to a healthy brain.  You will also learn about the ‘witch factor’. Why did men, not so long ago, believe that many women were witches?
After the course you will be able to answer the question: Is women’s intuition real?
Of course, you will learn why meditation is a main ingredient in the nurturing and literal growth of the brain.  Don’t miss this course!  Dharma. In addition to the Dharma Talk you will have a chance to meditate during the telephone class.  If you choose to meditate with music your music (either through RMS site or your own source) ready.