ALOHA – A Song in the Heart

Touching Aloha

The spirit of Aloha
Is a song in the heart
an abundance
of fragrance
wafting on gentle soft winds,
Sweet warmth
that soothes the soul.

Shifting outward, reaching inward
Winds of power surge
Blasting away history
Releasing sticky memories
Allowing more space for Aloha.

Beings of Light Sojourn
To Kauai
Adventuring into Mother Earth Islands,
Delicious with sunshine and rain,
Brilliant blue oceans and
Skies inviting our spirit to soar.

make the sun’s rays shine 
reminders, like the waves,
That life ebbs and flows.
Moments of joy and love,
Clouded by moments of
frustration, anxiety and anger.

Humans – incarnated gods and goddess,
Beings of light and joy and peace,
Learning from the grist of human
Thoughts, sometimes toxic
Emotions, sometimes twisted away from truth.
Aware that deep inside,
Their true Nature
Is Awakening to shining light.

Sojourners to Kauai
Tasting the gifts of
Mother Earth
Touching Aloha!