Full Moon, Strawberry Moon, Summer Solstice

Today, in San Diego it is wonderfully HOT.  The sun will shine, and something like trade winds will blow until the sun sets.  And the sun sets very late, giving us the longest day of the year.  Just another gift from the Universe!

So, what should YOU do on this auspicious day, which according to some only happens once in 70 years?  Celebrate.  Open this doorway to all that is positive and beautiful.

Close the doors and windows to the negative thoughts and energies that swirl in and around you.

Be thankful for the day, for the sun and moon shining together in the night sky, for your life and all things that you are and experience.  This is literally a ONCE IN A LIFETIME experience.  Find some time in the evening to go outside and enjoy the show that nature offers you.  There is a stillness that you can feel, if you take the time.

In this FULL MOON, Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon, Hot Moon Solstice, you can believe or imagine the doorway that opens.  In the stillness you are invited to go through.  Go through in love,  with trust and joy.

I will be walking with a few friends around sunset — along the cliff that overlooks the ocean.  When the sun sets and the night is bright with the full moon, I will sit in silence, go through the doorway of moonlight, and with grace, dissolve!