Sliding into the Light times Two

Love is the greatest gift.  Being Loved is second only to Loving.  In this reality, on this planet, we know that everything is transitory.  Nothing remains.  Except Love, and the life force of love, which is light.

So we humans, here for another round, know that we risk everything when we love.  Because we know that those we love may move on, move away, or die.  Some people choose not to love, so that they won’t feel the pain when someone we love leaves, either by choice or by death. People who make this choice live a dull life, unable to touch the highest brightest joy that comes from loving.

Today, a dear friend left her body. Her name is Judith.  She slid into the light, leaving those of us who loved her behind.  She was a beacon of light, serving all she met, reaching out to students who were seeking spiritual awakening.  For 40 years she taught students how to reach deep into their human psyche and pushed them to stretch into their highest self. She founded a University that provided extensive coursework in personal growth and spiritual studies. She provided a map for  mystic women offering advanced studies into enlightenment–for the first time charted by a woman.  She was a reverend, a scholar, an author, a teacher, a mystic, a wife, mother and grandmother.  She was a friend.

She never stopped giving or working for the enlightenment of the planet.  My friend, I know this is a lot to ask, but once again you are needed.  You left your body behind just yesterday, and today another beautiful shining teacher is sliding into the light.  She is young, only 37, and she will be confused since she has to leave her two young boys behind.  She was a remarkable first grade teacher, full of life and light and laughter.  Like you, cancer has taken her from our world. Her name is Chrissy. She didn’t have enough time to teach, or parent, or relax into her mature years.  No matter, she was a beacon, a bright shining person who gave all she had to this world.

I know that it is too soon to ask you to continue your work on the other side.  I also know that whether you have a body or not, you are working for the network of enlightenment.  Please greet Chrissy as she slides into the light just behind you.

Thank you Judith for all you are and all you gave to this world.  Thank you for helping Chrissy as she joins you with the angels.