Dreams with Masters

October 21, 2017

The Music of Dreaming

I always look forward to Jimmy Buffet concerts, and basking in the afterglo.  Last night at the Chula Vista stadium  we tailgated Jimmy style with Cheesburgers in Paradise and finished our drinks while nibbling on spongecake.  The concert was fun, once we survived the people crunch in the long wide entry  line.  His last song was solo, one of my favorites, whose chorus is  “I want to be there, I want to go and lie down beside the sea there, with a tin up for a chalice, fill it up with good red wine and I’ll be chewing on the the honeysuckle vine”.  Ahhhh, happy time, great energy!

Then, home in a bed on a cozy fall evening I had dreams, many dreams.  The first one was with a dear friend who passed a year ago, a woman of light who was a spiritual teacher for over 40 years.  A small group was saying good-bye and preparing her for her journey when she graduated and left the body behind.  We wrapped her still very live body in a soft white sheer cloth which blew in the wind and she was placed on top of an SUV type vehicle.   The dream was close to the anniversary of her passing

In the next dream I was walking in some unknown place, and suddenly I saw Rama.  He was dressed in a long black coat, and his hair was curly but cropped short.  He was standing at a table that was several yards ahead of me, and he was selling books.  A few people were gathered around him.  I shouted, “Look, it’s Rama!”  I started running towards him and quickly checked myself.  I spun around and went back to my husband saying, “I have to slow down – I can’t just go running up to him like that.”  I sauntered up to the table and waited as he talked to a student.  There were just a few people gathered, and I wanted to give everyone space, so I sat close to a fence where Rama was standing.  My husband sat with me, and I continued to wait.

The scene changed, as dreams do sometimes.  A student called me up to the stage area and asked me to hold a microphone, and when I prompted her she showed me how to use it.  I was advised not to use the mic right now because my son was having an audition with Rama inside of a house that was on the property.  It was,I assumed a music related audition.  A bit later my granddaughter told me that Rama was in the guest bedroom sleeping.  So, in the dream I only got to see Rama from a distance but when I awoke this morning the kundalini energy was buzzing.

More dreams followed–each one vivid with colorful details.  Dreaming is one of the mystical doorways to eternity.