Finding My Way Back

I believe that a soul dives into this incarnation with a precise set of instructions and knows her life plan.  The soul.  The personality slides slowly into the being,  but at birth the light of the soul is the overwhelming director of life.  The wordless infant is aware through senses and energy, not language, not yet.  Gradually the personality takes form, and as that happens the soul wisdom fades from view, and eventually is ignored.  Ignorance thrives.

If your soul’s journey is to live in the light, in the wisdom of your soul, then finding your way back to your birth light, your heart light, becomes your passion.  For me, that means learning through direct experience, through reading, through writing, through merging all the data that I am and that I receive.  Every moment begins to feel like just another intense piece of the soul’s reawakening to my birth light, which is connected to all that is!  For me, FINDING MY WAY BACK is the joy of life.  What a gift, this life, in this body, on this planet we call Earth.